Dear Claustrophobia friends and fellow escapees,
Since Claustrophobia opened on March 12 this year, we have had over 5,000 players take on the escape 
room challenge. I’ve been amazed by the enthusiasm and determination of our guests and it’s been 
such a joy to watch everyone take on the challenges of our mind-bending clues that deliver thrills, chills, 
fun and great camaraderie.
I am pleased to share with you that my own personal “escape plan” is being initiated and I will be 
relocating to Toronto to pursue my other career, however, Claustrophobia will continue to entertain and 
baffle players thanks to new owners, Escape Manor. 
Escape Manor has established themselves as leaders in the live play entertainment arena in Ottawa, and 
I am confident that under their direction, my vision and values for the Claustrophobia venue will 
continue grow and client service will remain a priority. I’m thrilled to hand over the keys
to Escape Manor, and can guarantee that all existing bookings will be honoured (time slot & 
price at which they were booked) as well as all previously purchased gift certificates. 
We will no longer be taking appointments for the month of November.  However you are able to 
book rooms from December 4th and beyond on the Escape Manor website.
For the past 8 months, I have loved hearing people's reactions when they uncover a secret clue or 
hearing the screams of celebration upon a successful escape. I’ve shared in the celebrations when a 
first-time player who doubted they would enjoy the experience comes out with a huge grin, saying they 
can't wait for the next game. I will miss all this but I know you will continue to enjoy the escape-room 
game experiences under the new owners. Thank you for supporting me during Claustrophobia’s launch 
period, and thank you for coming back again and again to play one of the coolest group activities in 
Jennifer Schnare
Founder, Claustrophobia
A quick note from the Escape Manor team...
We want to thank Jen for the awesome escape rooms she is handing over to us, and us to you. She has done a 
fantastic job and we look forward to representing her escape games well and bringing some of the 
Escape Manor flare to the Hintonburg/Westboro area.  We can't wait to lock you up!
Head on over to to book now.  
(booking is live now, search past December 4th).
The Escape Manor team